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List Network Devices on Windows with nmap

Find devices on network with Windows. Looking for macOS or Linux?

1. Download nmap


2. Open powershell and type the following commands

$env:HostIP = (
    Get-NetIPConfiguration |
    Where-Object {
        $_.IPv4DefaultGateway -ne $null -and
        $_.NetAdapter.Status -ne "Disconnected"

Verify with


This number should also be listed in the results of arp -a

3. Search using nmap

$env:PI_Name = "raspberry"
nmap -sP $env:HostIP/24 | Select-String $env:PI_Name

The | Select-String $env:PI_Name is optional but helps narrow our search to raspberry in this case. If you don’t want to narrow devices just run:

nmap -sP $env:HostIP/24

The above command (in my case) maps to:

nmap -sP | Select-String "raspberry"

So you can see the final result without environment variables.